Alternative Bread Company

Alternative Bread Company

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Handmade traditional and ethnic breads

Key Information:
Trading Hours:  8.00am to 6.00pm
Unit Number:  22 Grand Parade Market
Contact Name:  Sheila Fitzpatrick

Alternative Bread Company

Good Food Ireland


The Alternative Bread Company sells a wide variety of handmade traditional and ethnic breads, Danish pastries, croissants, muffins, “chester” and a selection of delicious cake squares, made in Cork. 

The Alternative Bread Company has been trading in the English Market since 1997. Our artisan breads are made traditionally, many of them from a sourdough base, and all are hand rolled.  This produces bread with great character.


The range includes gluten-free and wheat-free products, made fresh daily, from spelt sodas to sourdough rye, organic spelt with malt and poppy seed, to fresh orange and ground almond cake, the list is extensive.  We can also offer a range of bread and cakes that have been produced in an entirely “nut free” environment. 

The flour we use is “clean” with no additives or preservatives, and we don’t use artificial colouring or flavouring.  We have a range of high fibre, low fat, loaves, sugar free and containing no saturated fats.  One of the most popular is the Omega 3 loaf, which contains flax and linseed, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, all rich in Omega 3, nutritious and delicious.

It is our loyal, daily customers who are our “bread and butter”.  They return day after day to buy the traditional “ducks” and “skulls”, the burnt crust pans, and the brown health loaves that have established our name in Cork.  There are many reasons to shop or simply to wander through the English Market, a true feast for the senses.  We believe the Alternative Bread Company is definitely one of them.