The story of the market is in many ways the story of Cork.   

The English Market, Ireland’s most famous food emporium, has been serving the city of Cork since 1788.  it has stubbornly survived revolution and war, fire and famine, depression and boom, changing tastes and intensifying competition, and a rapidly developing food and retail environment.  While it has undergone many changes in appearance, management, customers and product range, it remains essentially what it always was: a food market serving the people of Cork.  In that role it has acted both as a bastion of tradition and a force for change. 

The Market, however, was and is much more: a civic space, a meeting place, a thoroughfare, and a bustling social hub of the city.  With its variety of products, the pride of place accorded to small traders, the personalised service, the growing emphasis on organic products and reliance on small-scale producers, it is forever popular.  A mix of traditional Cork fare and exciting new foods from afar, along with longstanding family-run stalls and newcomers from outside, all contribute to its unique appeal, which is celebrated widely, especially by visitors to the city. 

- “Serving The City”, Collins Press